April 23, 2009


We spent our last day in Noosa riding a variety of Tom Wegener's newest creations. Everything from the new "Tuna" model Tom has been developing, to 18' semi-hollow single fin trimmers, and also alaias. We also tried out a Bill Wallace 20' toothpick. That was a little tricky. Here's some footage of the newest crafts to come from the Creation Plantation, Tom's factory. Tom, Matt Williams, George Timm, Kameron Brown? and a few others enjoy these ancient reincarnated designs at Noosa's First Point.

tuna fun, alaia fun, finless rocks!! from matt williams on Vimeo.


Almond Surfboards & Designs said...

that tuna thing is a trip. even weirder to than an alaia

Worm said...

i saw matt today. he's back in california already