July 1, 2009

Carsey Joe

My little brother Carson Wach led San Clemente  High School to winning an extra $10,000 for the arts department at the Hurley Walk The Walk fashion show. He sewed and designed the majority of the clothes for the show. Here's a shot of them celebrating after being handed the check. Carson's the kid wearing the black jacket with blue diamonds up the sleeve holding the picture frame.

Now, Carson works at Hurley full time and stars in Hurley's "Micophone For Youth" webisodes with our good friend Blake Washington. Pretty rad for a couple of kids who started out as interns...Carson's also learning everything about denim design with a guy named Matt Baker who heads the denim design department at only age 20. I guess Matt had his own line of jeans called REKAB at age 15 in Fred Segal and Carson really looks up to him. Carson just got back from Kinkos where he printed out his 7th denim pattern he's designed himself on Illustrator. He's almost positive this is the perfect pattern but it's all trial n error. He's made seven different pairs just to get the right fit. I can't wait to get a pair!

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