July 3, 2009

Wax On Wax Off

This is a watercolor I painted in my 8th grade art class taught by Andrea Reish. It was quite the process too. First, we looked through old islamic artworks to get inspiration. Next, we drew our image in pencil and then we painted it with watercolors. After it was all colored in we covered the entire paper with hot melted wax. When the wax dried we rolled up the paper and crunched it up so that the wax creased and flaked in some areas. After beating the shit out of the work of art that at the time seemed ruined, we proceeded to destroy it even more by painting over the entire painting with black paint until it was nothing but a black piece of paper. Once the black paint dried, we used an iron to melt the black paint and the wax  off the paper. The image came back to life and the black outlines were the finishing touch. Pretty amazing we were learning that in 8th grade. 

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