August 1, 2009


The 6'12" Model. 
A mini noserider at only seven feet. The first model; the embryo.

The 6'12" Model. 

The HotTub Model.
A 5'7" twinny at mach speed. 

The HutTub making friends.  
The birth of Canvas Surfboards.

Painting Images by Dane Peterson. 
All other photos taken by shaper Ryan Engle at Nation Manufacturing.

Collaboration By Affiliation.

1 comment:

Surfsister said...

I love Canvas #1. Beautiful shape. I can't wait to hear, or see pictures of, how it surfs.

I've got a plain white board that's just waiting for you to put some artwork on it. 9'3" hull. Plain white. It needs some color. If you're interested, let me know. I'll pay you too!