June 6, 2010

Japan 2010

Thanks to Everyone in Japan!

Thanks Naki for the awesome times at Greenroom and Amami!
I will never forget it!

Itoi, Hit-dutcha, and Sugi! Thanks for all the awesome parties and accomodation!
The movie is awesome!

Best wetsuits in Japan!
Ryo, you're rad ;)

Thanks Yoshiko and Yuya for the amazing party for Japan:Style is Everything!
We all had such a great time! Your shops is so rad!

Thanks for the great showing of our movie!
I love the store, especially Tyler Warren and Hi-Dutchs' Artwork.
You guys carry awesome clothing.

Oshman's, thanks for the great time!
I still want those New Balance shoes!

Greenroom was awesome! G-Love is crip.

So fun! Best nightclub in Harijuku

Rad books! I'm sure your music is great too.

I love my new coffee cups and Cat Paw pants!
I always shop at BEAMS while in Japan.

Thanks Mitch for everything.
Your shop is the closest Japanese surf shop to any CA store by far!

Medori, Thank you for your kind hospitality.
I had so much fun jamming, hangin' out drinkin' sochu, and surfing with you!
Amami Oshima is the raddest part of Japan and I think every Japanese surfer should experience it sometime in their life.
Tell Mamasan I said Hi!

Thanks Everyone.

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M.Chono said...

too right dude, nice way to thank them all!