July 3, 2010

#2-Twin or Quad?

We recently had a couple faulty blanks come outt of the machine so I decided to try and shape a board with the blanks that Ryan considered trash. At first I thought it would just be fun to mess around and see if I could shape something out of the one inch off centered stringer blank which was the fist board I shaped. I measured it out and then sure-formed the lob-sided rail down first to match the other side. Then I had to even out the bottom where the concave was also off.After that I grinded, sawed, and beveled away at the chunk of foam. In the end Ryan and I were quite surprised at the final outcome of the board considering what I started from.

#1 Shape
5'9 Mini Noserider

This board was another faulty cut and the tail was also snapped off probably out of frustration or something. Ryan said this one was absolutely unshapable. While I was art the factory yesterday checking up on some boards going through, I took a second look at it and decided it wasn't even as bad as the first one and I wanted to take another shot at it. I started mowing away again and surley this one was coming out better than the first one from the strt. After doing it once I realized what I would have done differently the second time and made sure I took step in the right direction form the start. Since the tail was snapped off a couple inches, I sawed off the broken bit and just squared it off to begin with. This time I started on the bottom of the board too which is where I went wrong on the first one. When I finished it I didn't even measure it so I have no idea how long it is. Since it was just me and the laminator the entire day, he came in and we had a really nice long conversation as I finished it up. Once I was done, I asked him If I could laminate it myself and he agreed to help me out. We layed out the bottom first and that was the easy part. Once that dried in the sun with the suncure added, we layed out the fibre glass on the deck. Dave the laminator tried to talk me out of the volan deck patch due to the difficulty of laminating a heavy 8 ounce glass. I had my mind set on the deck patch though. It ended up coming out really good and Dave was really impressed. I've seen so many boards get glassed up there now that I felt pretty comfortable going into it. The next step are the glass on twin sides which I think I will leave up to the hot coater. One step at a time. Maybe next board..Maybe I'll do it. I dunno.

#2 shaped and laminated...
Twin or Quad?
I'm thinkin' Quad?
To be continued