December 15, 2010

Kauai Part 1

I just got back from Hawaii and had the best time ever! I've been there many times but this trip my girlfriend Hannah and I spent the week camping on the beach, in the back of our rental car, and at Kameron Brown's house on the North Shore. My girlfriend and I went there to film with Naki for a movie we're working on distributing in Japan. I love it there so much! My good friend Naki showed us the ropes and made our trip. I would have never imagined camping in Hawaii but within a weeks time we were on a plane on our way over there with really no plans haha. Hannah was quite nervous about my planning as we were racing around trying to buy a tent the night before the flight but it all ended up working out and camping ended up being the best esperience! I'll have more to come on this trip!! We have tons of photos I've just gotta go throught them. Here are a few water shots Naki took the last day of our trip.

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