December 26, 2010

Minty Fresh

Last week I glassed my girlfriend Hannah's new Canvas Purcha$e. It was the first longboard I've ever lammed but I wanted it to be unique and special for her, and made with love, so I just went ahead and charged it while the laminator wasn't there. I went into it thinking it'd be easy after all the boards I've seen laminated lately but dang, it's a lot harder to do than I thought. I started on the bottom with four different colors and that was hardest part. My first color started going off before I got to the last color which made it a bit tricky. All in all, it came out pretty rad and we're stoked on it. I can't wait for her to ride it !! You can't miss Kameron Brown's board to the left too! That thing's sick! He shaped and lammed it himself.

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