February 16, 2011


Tom Wegener contacted me recently and asked me to participate in his finless division at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. I was so amped to be invited by him and compete in the newest addition to the event. Tom has always been so inspiring to me. I met him in Noosa about six or seven years ago. Over the past couple years he's inspired the entire surf industry. Tom has taking an enormous step back in time with surfboard design and awakened one of the most fun, functional surfboard designs ever. The Alaia. So many people have followed in his footsteps and found that even making their own alaias is so satisfying. Tom is a true legend and I look forward to riding my new noserider he's making for me at the moment pictured below. Looks like it's going to be a good one! Oh yeah, and the Alaia ...

"Oh, yes, the alaia in top of the board. This is a replica of a board I templated in the San Clemente Surf Museum. That board was made in 1902 and based on the alaias of Kaui, not Waikiki."

The man, The mystery - Tom Wegener


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Kameron Brown said...

amazing... cant wait to experience ... one legend passing his love to another legend (: