March 20, 2011


I ended up winning Tom Wegener's finless division this year at the Noosa Festival of Surfing and I'm so stoked! It was the first finless contest ever and everyone rode all sorts of rad boards. While others were on alaias and finless foam boards, I opted to ride a Sea Glass Project that Tom Wegener designed for GSI. The board was super fast and easy to ride! I was surprised that it felt so similar to an Alaia given it was thicker and way easier to paddle than an alaia. Way different construction and flex too. Anyway, part of the prize was a brand new Seaglass board.

After what happened in Japan during my stay here in Noosa, I'd really like to help out with the International support they so desperately need at this point in time. I have so many friends and supporters in Japan and I just think Japan is such a huge part of the surfing community in general. Their stoke, loyalty, and culture is so abundant in our little surf indusrty and I think the least we could do is help out with the intense struggles they are facing.

I've decided to sell the Tom Wegener Seaglass board I won today and put %100 of the profits towards the Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief fund. I know it's not much but I do know every donation counts. The Seaglass board usually sells for $500.00 USD. I honestly don't even know if you can get them yet in the U.S. I'm hoping to get $400.00 OBO (+ shipping for outside CA buyers). It's brand new, 6'2" and SUPER FUN!! It looks exactly like the one pictured above. I will offer to paint it as well if someone wants artwork on the bottom for a very small, additional amount, to be put towards the fund as well. Please email me at for inquires. This is a great deal for a rad board, and, an even radder cause. Thanks so much for your support!

To donate go to :

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Tomoko Okazaki said...

I always liked your surf style but now I LOVE your style in and OUT of the water, thanks for your compassion and aloha.

Jamie Watson said...

you're rad!