April 14, 2009


If you're ever going to travel anywhere in this world, make sure the people you travel with are reliable and friendly. Without the humorous vibes from my friends Kameron Brown, George Trimm, and Harrison Roach, my trip would not have been the same. I thank them for the radical experiences we had together this year and I especially thank Harrison Roach for putting up with all three of us at his homestead for a whole month and ten days. It's not always easy to put up three people even if they are some of your best friends. I would gladly go anywhere in the world with these guys again. Each one of them are very talented individuals. Whether it's surfing, jammin' out, or simply putting a smile on someone's face, these guys do it well.

Thanks dudes!

LAX Curbside

Kameron enjoying the sites at A-bay.

Unpacking the boards.

Where's my passport?

Mr. Roach pre sicky-cruiser.

DJ Geometric, aka Mr. Trimm.

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