November 14, 2009

Save me a Copy!

This morning at about 1:00 a.m. I got the call a from my friend Yazzy letting me know that a highly acclaimed publication in Australia called The Weekend Australian Magazine ran my photo on the cover of their latest issue. The shot was taken in the Lofoton Islands of Norway. I recently went there to surf in the Artic Circle with photographer Yazzy who took the shot on one of the first days we arrived. I'm stoked because the magazine has a viewership of about one million readers so I hope some of my friends over there can score me a copy for when I come to the Noosa Festival this year!


Jamie Watson said...

That's exciting news and the cover looks good. Still can't believe you guys surfed in that cold water.

Jackson said...

Hey Christian.

Did you get a copy of the article?

If not i got one i can mail to you... Aviso Australia mailed it to me with my BD3.