November 16, 2009


Corpus Christi - Galveston - South Padre - Austin

I just landed in Texas! It's funny because I never imagined myself doing a surf trip to Texas but I'm here with Jon Steele, Will Crum, my buddy Kameron brown and Morgan Faulkner and his girlfriend Brittany Tupaj. A tanker is scheduled to cruise through towards corpus christi in two hours and I guess we're going to ride it's boat wake?

So we pulled up and and looked up the channel and we could see the top of a tanker coming from really far away behind the bushes. So we waited around, drank a couple beers. Finally it was about a football field away so we jumped in the water.  before we knew it a wave was forming up the wall. It's interesting how it bounces off the wall into a perfect little peeler. The wave seriously went for about 4 or five minutes. It was for sure the longest wave I've ever ridden. It peeled perfectly down the channel. It was the raddest experience ever. I mean the waves may not be the greatest in Texas, but that's pretty rad to ride a wave five minutes long. 

Yes, that is a cat in a Posum trap...

Don't mess with Texas!


carol said...

I love reading your blog, you are really "livin' the dream" -xo carol, brooklyn ny

Sea Walk said...

Thank You :)